Website Redesign

I was brought in my Extractable as the lead designer of the new LeapFrog.com. The site included product catalog, shopping cart, child learning profiles, activities, support and more.

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Banner campaigns, video & landing pages

At Godfrey Q and Partners, I was brought in to oversee the creative on the interactive side of the agency. These projects show how we extended the Symantec campaigns into the online space.

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Intel: RoboBrawl

Viral game and banner campaign

This was Godrey Q and Partners first project with Intel, which we had to pitch for. After the success of this project, we went on to receive to additional viral campaigns for them.

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Discovery Networks

Over 50 online campaigns for multiple brands

When I joined Agency.com NY, they had just won 3 channels of Discovery Networks—Discovery Channel, TLC and Discovery Kids. During my time as the art director on the account, the account grew to 12 channels and the largest piece of business in the agency. At the time I transfered to the San Francisco office, Discovery Networks had become Agency.com's largest account.

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Bank of America: Loan Assistance Hub

Website for distressed homeowners

As the largest mortgage servicer in the country, Bank of America had a huge responsibility after the real estate collapse to help distressed homeowners learn about the help that was available to help them keep their homes. I worked on this site from the beginning and continued to oversee and evolve it for more than two years—committed to doing everything possible to help educate homeowners and support them through the loan assistance process.

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Banner campaigns & online tv show

During 8 months of freelance with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, I worked as the senior art director on a variety of projects—primarily on the printers division of the brand.

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Intel / Dell Data Center


Processors are not normally taken into consideration when data centers are being designed. Intel wanted to change that. We were asked to create an interactive experience where IT professionals could tour a cutting edge data center and see how and why the processor is relevant.

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Website Design

As Salesforce grew and their product offering became more complex, we at Godfrey Q and Partners were asked to submit designs showing how they could clearly present this complex offering to a wide range of audiences on their website. These are the two design options that I presented.

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CQuest Capital

Website Design

CQuest is a company that provides carbon credits in a way that not only helps the environment, but also has an immediate impact on the lives of people in developing countries. This is the design that I created for their website.

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Banner campaign, landing page & Messenger mascot

At Ogilvy One, I worked as a freelance senior art director on a variety of projects, including the launch of the "Be a Better" brand campaign, the launch of the new OMG! brand, and the exploration of a new mascot for Yahoo! Messenger.

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